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Apr 30 2022


7:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Hot Club of Cape Town

The Hot Club of Cape Town perform instrumental jazz classics in the hot swing/gypsy jazz style. The Hot Club sound emerged from Europe in the 1930s, combining Swing Jazz with the rippling melodies of Parisian dance-halls, and the distinctive Gypsy harmonies of the Eastern Mediterranean. The Hot Club of Cape Town adds a hint of Cape Jazz into the mix, to produce a sound that is steeped in tradition, yet contemporary and local at the same time. It’s fun, lively, romantic and, above all, swinging music for all ages and all venues. The Hot Club of Cape Town play a variety of instrumental jazz classics hearkening back to the smoky nightclubs of pre-war Paris, when wild string players roamed the earth and unchained melodies could be found lurking around every corner.


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