JEFFREY MUNKS by Ainhoa Sagaseta

If I had to describe the last Jeffrey Munks’ performance just in one word, it would definitely be Emotional.
This young musician, born in Johannesburg, is only 21 and has already released his first album entitled “The Believer &The Skeptic”. An album consist of ten songs all of them composed by himself.

This composer, whose favourite thing is playing his own songs because “that’s me” he said, also delighted us with awesome covers of all kinds of musical genres. He covered songs by various artists such as The Beatles, Frank Sinatra, Elton John, Abba, Foo Fighters, Metallica, Queen, Aerosmith, Guns&Roses, among others… but always with his personal touch.

Jeffrey told me that Music is Life for him. That is why music is so important. It’s the best way to express himself, to communicate his emotions. Speaking with him, you can feel the passion for music. It’s simply magic.

The performance, which lasted for about four hours, successfully attracted the attention of all those present. He expressed his love for music through every single song, and, by the same token, impressed the crowds. Listening to Jeffrey for me was delicious. It was like feeling his emotions. I felt a great connection, while my thoughts went out giving way to a whirl of emotions, excitement and exhilaration- All at the same time.

Fortunately for us, Jeffrey’s future plans are to continuing playing and compose. Actually he is already working on his next album. He also aims to share his music around the world, since he loves traveling as well. It’s the perfect plan in order to experience and learn different types of music.


SONIK CITIZEN by Ainhoa Sagaseta

Last Saturday we were able to enjoy a great musical session at The Piano Bar starring the band Sonik Citizen . The band formed by Mark Fransman (composer, piano and vocals), Eugene Ackerman (bass) and Paul Tizzard (drums) is only two years old as a band, even though its members have a long experience as musicians.

The music of the band is defined as a blues-gospel-rock music, according to its leader Mark Fransman, and it’s inspired by international artists as the named “father of modern Chicago blues” Muddy Waters or Gary Davis in blues, the incomparable Jimmy Hendrix in Rock and also by important African artists as Mandala Kunene, Sankomota, etc.

The multi winning musician, producer and leader of the band, tell us that their compositions are based just on life. The simplicity of beautiful things, sad things or whatever, makes him to do songs.

The band is immersed in an important project. They are planning a series of concerts through a few South African cities. Cape Town, Johannesburg, Durban, among others. Beginning at the end the end of March as well as their participation in the prestigious Cape Town International Jazz Festival.

For me it was a perfect combination of the three instruments, piano, bass and drums coupled with amazing vocals from Mark. The musicians achieved a surround sound that was very well executed. It was a delight to enjoy each of the themes, from the most leisurely to the most rhythmic.

A unique occasion to listen to good music.


TREVOR R. PARKER by Ainhoa Sagaseta

Last Thursday, there was a lot/plenty to enjoy at Trevor R. Parker’s gig- the atmosphere, the music, everything! It was perfect to have such a great time at the Piano Bar.

From his first song you can tell that Trevor is an experienced and talented musician.
This Jazz artist, according to his own definition, had his first contact with music when he was a little boy. It was easy for him, since he grew up immersed in music. His parents did a good job in this respect, instilling in him the love of music.

Music currently occupies his whole life, especially since he teaches at a music school and after does gigs all around Cape Town. He explained to us that he’s able to play a lot of instruments such as the drums, guitar, bass, trumpet, saxophone and many more. But what he truly enjoys is the piano, which allows him to express himself more freely.

During the performance we were able to hear Parker play some different covers, making all of them his own in order to make them more interesting. And it worked! Each of the features songs sounded unique and different. It was a beautiful experience to listen to them. Famous hits included “My baby just cares for me” from Nina Simone; “Over the Rainbow”-which of course has been covered over a thousand times- and “Don’t know why” from Norah Jones among others, completed an interesting and varied repertoire.

It was easy to identify clear jazz influences from world renowned artists such as the jazz and fusion pianist Chick Corea, the jazz trumpeter and vocalist Chet Baker as well as the great singer and jazz pianist Nat King Cole, taking a tour of the best jazz music from the 40’s to the 90’s.
According to the artist, his immediate plans are to record his own music, thus leaving his mark for posterity. Especially for his children, grandchildren, etc.



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